About us

We are a global consulting company dedicated to enhancing
the profitability of small-medium sized businesses

Only Higher Technologies for Best Results

We currently service 24 Clients in 8 countries within 9 industries since 2016.
We completed 93 individual service packaged projects for our clients since 2016.
We have 218 global and remote employees supporting our client projects in 4 counties.
Our employees have combined 2,354 years of experience in business support functions.

Message from Leadership

S.W. Green – President/CEO

After years of providing support to small and medium sized businesses to help them improve and expand their scope of success, it was time for our company to do the same. This rebranding is bringing in a new chapter of our own development to provide more resources to a larger client base and help to build company from innovative concepts to self sustaining enterprises.

Brianna Hart – Chief Operating Officer

When speaking to Mr. Green about this business and it’s corporate structure I was extremely impressed and more importantly overwhelmed with his passion to make businesses more successful. Being able to bring my industry experience to a company that is still in it’s development phases but has a proven track record was an amazing opportunity.

Scott Walker – Business Development Executive

Being able to take my 20 years of Business Dev experience to help small businesses is something that is an extremely unique situation. As an entrepenuer myself, I know how hard it is to get your business operating and scaled for success. Being through some of the same challenges that our clients face allows me to empathize and help them through adversity.